Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Financial Crisis In Europe - Will It Affect Indian Stock Market?

The Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India, Mr. Subir Gokorno has expressed his fear that the recent Financial Crisis in Greece & other European Countries can affect the Indian Stock Market. Attending a conference in Kolkata on Monday, Mr. Gokorno commented that few foreign investments might back off from the Indian Stock Market, due to the above financial crisis. He added that though Investors may withdraw their capital from the market, the crisis would not last long. He added that in comparison to the Dollar, the Rupee would be further devalued on account of the above crisis.

Talking about the rising inflationary trend of foodstuff prices, Mr. Gokorno expressed hope that it could be controlled within a few days. He mentioned that everyone is looking forward to the Monsoons, likely to come in the month of June 2010. A good monsoon, he added, will eventually control the upward rising inflationary trend of the foodstuffs & other items. The Reserve Bank of India will very shortly publish a Report citing reasons for the upward rising inflationary trends.

Contributed By:
Prof. Jayanta Mitra
(Globsyn Business School)